Pest Eradication Tasmania

Pest Eradication Tasmania is a fully licensed and insured business offering commercial, industrial and residential pest management in Hobart and its surrounding suburbs.


The danger of household pests

These unwanted pests can cause damage to property and to your health as well as the health of your family through and pets. It’s important to learn about these pests, so you don’t encourage them back after having your home professionally treated.

We will:

  1. Get rid of insects and rodents
  2. Make your home very unappealing to these creatures so they won’t return.
  3. Use High quality pesticides and pest management treatments that will last!
  4. Make sure all treatments are safe for kids and pets

So how much do we do?

We provide indoor and outdoor coverage. From protecting your kitchen and living areas, to covering the bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry (including roof space and subfloors), we are your comprehensive pest management solution. We can also cover the exterior of your home including eaves, guttering, fences, sheds, garages, pergolas, carports and the driveway.

We know providing a clean, comfortable environment for your family is important to you, and we can help you do this.  We use non-staining, effective and safe products suitable for use around the family and pets.


Call Craig today on 0408479575 to find out how we can help you keep the bugs at bay! Licence No. 2490

ABN: 25 826 021 662